Speed Alert

What is a Speed Alert?

A Speed Alert is a notification that allows you to know when your vehicle crosses a certain speed threshold. When you set a particular speed limit and your vehicle exceeds that speed, an alert will be generated through the web portal and sent to your mobile phone or e-mail or up to two (2) additional e-mail and mobile phone numbers. The alert notifications can be created and edited using the VW Car-Net Security & Service web site or using the VW Car-Net Security & Service mobile app.

Why can I have only one Speed Alert set at one time?

Having one alert active at a time will help reduce confusion as well as the number of alerts you receive.

How many Speed Alerts will I receive?

You will only receive one Speed Alert within a 24-hour period to reduce the number of times a notification is sent to you. However, all Speed Alert events can be viewed through the Speed Alert Events section. You can send notifications to up to two (2) additional e-mails/mobile phone numbers.